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Les stations balnéaires majeures du département

The beaches of the Basque Coast are a real paradise for surfers. The Basque Country is renowned for its legendary warmth, its heritage, its gastronomy and its festivals. It is also popular during the summer season for its sublime seaside resorts. The Basque coast offers incredible beaches ideal for idleness. It is a true paradise for surfers.


Anglet, whose nickname is “La Petite Californie”, is a warm destination revealing fine sandy beaches and waves. With its eleven beaches present on 4.5 kilometers of coastline, Anglet offers solutions adapted to all visitors, whether they are with family, trendy or sporty. It is a renowned surf spot, with multiple international competitions and a plethora of surf schools.

Biarritz, the historic capital of surfing, is the cradle of this sport on the Basque coast. Thousands of surfers land there to enjoy the waves of the Atlantic. Important competitions bringing together professionals of international reputation take place, as was the case with the world championships in 2017.

Saint Jean de Luz

Here is a small town incorporating typical Basque architecture. It is one of the most magnificent bays in the world. This charming seaside resort is a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the South West. Its coastline includes large spaces perfect for surfing. Small wild creeks are also present. La Grande Plage, along the seafront promenade, is ideal for families with its fine sand. Enjoy beach games and supervised swimming!


This village mixes beautiful beaches with preserved natural landscapes. Walks along the Sentier du Littoral allow you to discover this natural heritage, including the bay of Cenitz, classified as a “Conservatoire du Littoral”. This bay is sublime at sunset and attracts swimming enthusiasts as well as surfers eager to confront the waves. Other spots like the beach of Parlementia or the Alcyons offer spectacular rolls.


The place incorporates six dream beaches that stretch over five kilometers of coastline in the shape of a crescent of sand. Among them, Ilbarritz offers a family atmosphere and incorporates a castle, while the large beach of the Royal Pavilion is wilder. Erretegia beach is the starting point of the Sentier du Littoral and Uhabia beach is easily accessible. All of the beaches offer a perfect family atmosphere for swimming and host multiple surf schools. Enjoy a day tanning or a sporting moment, with the backdrop of the Pyrenees!


Nestled near Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the charming town of Ciboure reveals a rich historical heritage and magnificent fine sandy beaches, just like its neighbour. Do not miss the sublime beach of Socoa, easily accessible on foot via the city center of Ciboure and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, where various nautical clubs welcome water sports enthusiasts. Here are some possible activities: paddle, diving, sea fishing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing and catamaran.

The bridge connecting Ciboure to Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the only physical link between these two towns. It is from this famous bridge that Ciboure, also known by the Basque name of Ziburu, takes its name, which means “the bridgehead”. However, nature knows no borders and it is the bay that unites these two destinations. In 2016, Ciboure was awarded the renowned “City and Country of Art and History” label. With a population of approximately 6,300 inhabitants, this municipality facing the sea offers an ideal setting.


Hendaye, the last coastal town before the Spanish border, reveals an atmosphere imbued with a Spanish air. Strolling along the Boulevard de la mer, a large promenade, visitors can contemplate the ocean on one side and the listed facades of 70 neo-Basque villas on the other. The beach is extremely popular with family vacationers for swimming, but also famous as a surf spot. During the summer season, many events take place there such as zumba classes, yoga and sandcastle competitions.